Derek Nutile

husband · dad · developer · runner

Hi, I'm Derek.

I've been around information systems since the early 1990's and consider myself a pretty well rounded technologist with a strength for efficiency and automation and a passion for making web applications.

About Me

During the day, I work for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office as a Systems Project Analyst.

My core functions are to support, maintain, and develop programs and web applications for the administration and officers of the Sheriff's Office.

In My Free Time

I'm married to a beautiful goddess and father to four kick-ass boys.

When I'm not running, laughing, or playing, I develop freelance projects for small businesses, the open source community, and myself.

Finally, I run a small web agency called PixelNewt. This offers me an opportunity to stay engaged with the development community, interact with clients, and run a small business.

I'm a Programming Polyglot

I fully develop websites, web applications, automate processes, administer servers, manage cloud services, and define and clarify project scopes.

I started my career in technology working with point-of-sale hardware and software and since then I've supported thousands of users at a large law firm, created internal helpdesk software and portals for clients, and worked independently and with agencies to create beautiful websites and applications.

My Proficiencies

Contact or Hire Me

I'm open to 8-16 hours per week for planning, advisement, and projects. I'm always accurate with my estimates.